Programs by Title

Active Shooter

We hope the day never comes when this training is needed, however it is always better to be prepared.  Sergeant Matt Breihan will teach the basics of active shooter training to attendees.  These basics should help any library, with any set up, save lives in an unthinkable event.

Presented by: 
Sergeant Matt Breihan
Edwardsville Police Department

Architectural Walk

Would you like to create an opportunity to provide culture, local history and build community for your library's town or district?  Join Johnna Schultz, Assistant Director, of Effingham Public Library as she shares how to create an Architectural Walk that highlights the history and building styles of your town while building awareness of culture and community.

Presented by: 
Johnna Schultz
Effingham Public Library

Come Hell or High Water!  How to Prepare for and Cope with Emergencies

Every library should have an emergency procedures manual.  When was the last time your plan was updated? Are companies and phone numbers listed within still valid? What's it like to go through an emergency? Who do you call? What needs to be done? These are just some of the questions our panel will be discussing as they share disasters both big and small in their libraries.

Presented by: 
Diana Brawley Susman
Carbondale Public Library
Esther Curry
C. E. Brehm Memorial Public Library District
Ryan Johnson
O'Fallon Public Library
Sara Zumwalt
Litchfield Public Library District

Community Recovery:  Helping Those Closest to You when Disaster Strikes

In 2013 a twister tore through the town of Washington, Illinois.  Randall Yelverton and Genna Buhr will talk about how each of their libraries helped the people of Washington, and each other, when the clouds cleared.

Presented by:
Randall Yelverton
Washington District Library
Genna Buhr
Fondulac District Library

DNA Decoding and Debunking: Genetic Genealogy and Libraries

Over the last few years, DNA tests have grown in popularity as the prices have dropped. More and more people are testing themselves and their relatives in a quest to learn more about their family history. This explosion of information and data has brought new questions to the table for genealogy research. Take this opportunity to learn some information about DNA testing and just what DNA tests can do to help our customers with their family trees. We will be also be debunking a few myths about what happens when you submit your DNA test.

Presented by: 
Amber Lowery 
Peoria Public Library

Getting IN to Getting OUT!

Escape rooms are not just for TV shows anymore. So, if it is all about getting out, how do we get them to come in? Come listen to our experience of doing a Harry Potter themed escape room, from gathering supplies and plotting clues to exploding on social media and having trial runs. We will share tips and observations from hosting two afternoons of entertainment in one of our most successful programs so far this year.

Presented by: 
Karla Wilkinson 
Peoria Public Library

A hurricane won’t stop this library!

Citizens of Illinois have seen our share of tornado and flash floods.  We have never seen a hurricane.  Let alone two hurricanes in a short time span. San Juan Community library had this experience in 2017 when their island home was decimated by back to back hurricanes.  This island territory of the US has been in recovery for months, with many more years to go.  Connie Estades will be joining us via Zoom over lunch to discuss how their library is doing since this catastrophic event.

Presented by:
Connie Estades
San Juan Community Library

The Illinois Reading Council Presents ILLINOIS READS: A Reading Program for Everyone!

ILLINOIS READS is an annual state-wide reading program that highlights the importance of reading for all ages (birth – adult) and supports Illinois authors and illustrators. This program will give you more information about the program, highlight the books on the 2018 list and tell you how your library can become an ILLINOIS READS Ambassador.

Presented By:
Tambree Krouse
Southeastern Reading Council

Joplin Remembers: A true tornado story.

We may not live in Kansas, but we do experience tornadoes.  These twisters can have devastating consequences in the towns they hit.  Jacque Gage, director of the Joplin Public Library in Missouri,  will be joining RFS via Zoom to discuss what happened when their town and their library came face to face with a town destroying twister.

Presented by: 
Jacque Gage
Joplin Public Library

Library: The hub of the Community

Today, libraries are acting as more than just a book lending service.  They are acting as the center for the community.  Some host farmers’ markets, some arrange field trips.  Join our speakers as they talk about all the ways their libraries reach out to the community to bring people in, and about how these libraries have become more than just a book outlet.

Presented by:
Juliette Douglas
Six Mile Regional Library District
Janet  McAllister
Rochester Public Library
Debbie Shrewsberry
Tri-Township Public Library

Library of Technology

Tech devices have become the dividing gap in populations of have and have not users.  For years libraries have lent out eReaders from various companies, but the Library of Technology will go beyond lending out eReaders and look at coding teaching toys, 3D printers, and even telescopes.  This panel will look at what and why some libraries lend out technology tools.

Presented by: 
Matt Henninger 
Illinois State Library
Leander Spearman 
Belleville Public Library  
Janet McAllister
Rochester Public Library

Library of Things

From sewing machines, fishing poles, and almost every version of American Girl dolls and the stories to go with them, libraries are lending out a variety of non-traditional items. Patrons can borrow ‘things’ from the library and give them a trial run. This panel will talk about these types of collections. Come and get some ideas on a Library of Things that you could bring to your patrons.

Presented by: 
Juliette Douglas 
Six Mile Regional Library District
Anita Driver 
Jerseyville Public Library  
Vicki Funneman
Effingham Public Library
Megan Prueter
Edwardsville Public Library

No 'Kid'ding - Programming for Teens and Adults

Parents often seek out fun and free activities at the library for their little ones, but it can be tough to attract older kids and adults to events that pique their own interests - and even harder to keep them coming back.  This seminar discusses and analyzes how to plan, host, and promote events that appeal to teens and adults.  Case studies include tech-driven events for teens and self-improvement classes for adults.

Presented by: 
Matt Harris and Terry Pierson 
Mississippi Valley Library District

Practice Makes Perfect:   Difficult Patron Role Play

Have you ever been yelled at by a patron?  Have you ever had a patron get annoyed and decide to urinate over the computer keyboard because you do not understand his message?   What about the patrons who think it is okay to bring their dogs into the library and eat the books?  What about the patron who plays all the staff against each other so they never have to pay fines?  These are just some of the TRUE problem patron stories that have been heard over the years in IHLS.  Our RFS Committee will be acting out some of these scenarios, and giving the audience a chance to get involved.  Volunteers will be given a chance to act as a problem patron, and see how a committee member would react.

Presented by:

Reaching Forward South Committee Directors

Personnel Clashes: Can't we all just get along?  

Everyone dreams of working on a great team where everyone gets along, communicates well, and works hand in hand.  But sometimes the dream is a nightmare.  Personnel clashes happen for many reasons.  Juliette Douglas, an HR maven with years of experience, will be on hand with sage advice on how to stop clashes and work together in the best interest of all staff and patrons.

Presented By:
Juliette Douglas
Six Mile Regional Library District

The Right Side of the Law

Phil Lenzini will be with RFS for the day to discuss your law questions as they relate to various aspects of your library.  Is your library wondering about the legal ramifications of carrying an EPI Pen or Narcan? Do you currently have a defibrillator?   What about sexual harassment both internal and external?  Plus we talk about privacy and promotional materials.  When can you, and when can you not, use your patron’s information, and online materials such as photos that they share online? Now is your chance to ask.  Phil will have two formal sessions as well as office hours to help get your questions answered.

Presented By:
Phil Lenzini